Learn French

1. Learn French

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a. Method

Over the last few years my professional life has given me many opportunities to meet newcomers to Brussels. May I take a few moments of your time to describe a new way of learning French.
Having attended an English course in a high school in Greenwich Connecticut (USA) then attended an advanced training course for teaching French at Alliance Française and recently a training course about the famous “Superlearning” method, I gained the experience that allowed me to develop a different approach to teaching a foreign language. This being based on a more relaxed  system and a lively atmosphere, because barriers fall at an early stage.
Your confidence is raised by encouraging you to talk about yourself: your daily work, family, interests, ambitions and views, so that you build your own personal vocabulary. Fortified with this, you feel more assured and as the fear of speaking recedes they can join in the life, and enjoy the experience, of your new country. The lessons are mainly based on dialogues, games, exercises, phonetic drills, visual expression, conversation… written work and grammar are introduced in a relaxing way (music) during the sessions.
A most important aspect of any training is to learn and enjoy, ‘external observation’ is the part of my course that is well appreciated by the students. It occurs in accompanied visits to museums, theaters, and typical places, (Parliament also) all of which enables you to talk personally about your life in Brussels.
The course is suitable for groups and individuals and is organized into a number of levels with targets. When you achieve a target you receive a personal report and reading list suitable for your newfound ability.
I would like to draw your attention to the flexibility of the course: for example, if for professional or private reasons you cannot attend to a French lesson already planned, you can postpone your course. Only the actual lessons given will be charged.
I would be pleased to provide any further information you might require and I would be delighted to meet with you to discuss of your particular needs.
Yours sincerely,
Carol Donnay
References available on request.

b. Prices/Fees


Monday to Friday: 1 HOUR = 60 MINS

60 hours   x 25E/h
50 hours   x 26E/h
40 hours   x 27E/h
30 hours   x 28E/h
25 hours   x 30E/h 

28E/h- 40E/90 mins - 52E/120 mins
Basic materials:
Copies: 6 E/25h
Extra tuition books +/- 18E for each book
 (not obligatory)

10 hours on 5 days: 27E/h = 2h/day
20 hours on 5 days: 25E/h  = 4h/day
30 hours on 5 days: 23 E/h = 6h/day (lunch not included) 


2 PERS = 36E/H - 50E/90 mins
3 PERS = 39E/H - 54E/90 mins

Saturday: 32E/h - 45E/ 90mins


Summer Classes (See side or Brussels)
July/August: Ask about a discount

Winter Classes
December/January: Ask about a discount

Payment: to be paid in advance for the first month of classes. A discount is available for students paying the whole amount at registration.
– Timing: according to individuals need.

Teaching at your premises:  +/- 8E (according the distance and time of the day) for travel cost.

I can provide discounted prices for long-term assignments, intensive and semi-intensive courses. I also offer a flexible or a fixed schedule (the latter at a discount, too) .

Location: Rue Martin Lindekens 1150 Brussels or your office/place
I offer an initial free test to evaluate your level of French or a first free lesson for beginners in my office.
Do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile phone: 0496 289 629.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Carol Donnay
Rue Martin Lindekens
1150 Bruxelles
0496/289 629

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